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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Ernie Cat

Well, it has been pointed out to me that I mention my lazy eye cat in my blog profile, but that the poor thing has not had a mention yet. To be perfectly honest, this is a reflection of the turn life has taken. Ernie was (and still is!) my little baby but he has had to find a bit of independence, now Millie has -litterally- taken over our lives. He is no longer the first one to be fed and although he is not happy with this state of affairs, having a baby in the house comes with plenty of perks: Millie shares with him the load of my insatiable appetite for cuddles, hugs and kisses; Me and Jon do get up a good deal earlier which means early breakfast; But perhaps more importantly to Ernie, babies tend to like sharing their food. Here is an example I manage to get photographic evidence of, although Millie was not in the sharing mood... Ernie didn't mind too much, she makes enough crumbs to keep him happy. Although it still puzzles me that a very fussy old cat has suddenly developped a taste for rice cakes...

Can you see now why he is my lazy eye cat?

Happy Dada's day

Millie had everything ready to make sure Daddy had the best 1st father's day :-)

Happy Dada's Day!!!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Visite a Londres... pour aller a la ferme!!!

We came all the way from Somerset to London and... went to the farm!

Watch the toes getting nibbled!
Merci Helen pour le portrait de famille, j'adore cette photo!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Guessing game

J's mum, Helen and I got knitting, whilst waiting for the hedgehog... Helen started this item, and it was very difficult to imagine what it would look like when finished... I laughed so much that my tummy ached.

So... Can you guess what this is? Apologies for the blurry photos, I was laughing too much to keep steady enough :-)

Tricky three needle work (we had no stitch holder...)

The 10 O' Clock Hedgehog

On our way to London to see a ballet, we stopped at J's parents in Berkshire. Their back garden is a haven for various species including a cute wood pecker, a family of blue tits and the biggest wood pigeons I have ever seen. There is even a family of peacocks and peahens who have set home on their street!

J's parents have mentioned several times over the past few years that they had a "6 O' clock" and a "10 O' Clock" hedgehog. The little animals (or is it the same one coming back?) cut across their patio at the very same time every evening, but we had never seen them before. Until this time!

J's mum put some leftover cat food on the patio and we sat by the patio door and we got our knitting out and waited... And, bang on time, he turned up! I grabbed my camera, spring watch style, and...

Isn't he cute?!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Last one...

Papi, Mamie, Elyna, Emilie and Noam :-)

A little present for Noam...

I decided to knit a blanket for Noam, but it became a bit of a joke in the family as the one I made for Millie took me 21 weeks to knit, and I only started Noam's with 5 weeks left until his due date! Admittedly, I had to finish it during our holiday, but I got there and I am very proud of it! I hope he enjoys it!

Visite en France (4)

Quelques photos supplementaires de Noam, prises le dernier jour:

Visite en France (3)

I cannot mention our trip to France without mentioning Eglantine.

Eglantine is a toy Millie got for Christmas, but which is so popular (with Millie and other friends and family babies!) that the whole family - and especially Mamie - hums its tune all the time. So much that when Easter came, the girls at Mamie's work had renamed their chocolate cows Eglantine. Mamie thought Millie had to have one, despite being only 8 months old and not allowed chocolate (well, she had a taste :-) J was well chuffed, the rest of the cow (which was filled with praline) was his!!!

If you ever visit Angers, I would recommend a visit to Chocolats Benoit. Really yummy chocolate and a lovely tea room with the best macaroons ever!

Visite en France (2)

I am very much behind with my posting, and I have so much lined up I want to post about!

As my mum didn't have any holidays booked for the week we went, we met up for lunch with her when we were in town. It was a really sunny day, so we went to the Creperie St Aubin again and sat on the terrace. A great opportunity for a few pictures... :-)

Having fun with Papi and her sunglasses

Don't be silly Maman, I can't drink cider!