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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Millie is 14 and a half months :-)

It has been a while since I have posted. Being back at work makes it a lot harder!

I thought I would do a quick Millie update - More for me to look back on than for the world wide web, but if anyone is interested, here it goes ;-)

You are growing too fast my darling sweetie. You are about 72cm tall and as of yesterday, 9.53kg :-) You have been walking for ages but only 2 weeks ago (Saturday 28 October) you got the confidence to walk without heading for somewhere safe to hold on. You are now walking everywhere - There is no stopping you!

You are learning really fast too! I am amazed at how much you understand, you even know words I don't think I have taught you. You can point out to your head, eyes, ears, nose, teeth, mouth and feet, whether you are asked in English or French. You seem to understand everything your daddy and I tell you.

You have also just understood that the baby signing class we go to is not just for mummy to learn and that you can use them too. It's very handy after all: you can drop things again and again and ask mummy where they've gone - Endless fun :-) You also sign "more" after I have finished singing (Believe it or not, that's a new thing for me - I never used to get "encores" when I sing!).

Food is your favourite thing ever - At the moment, your favourite food are apples, bananas, raisins and daddy's lasagnes.

Other things I will want to remember when you are all grown up:

- You have 12 teeth, another one may be on the way, but I get bitten when I try to investigate...
- You can say Dadda, Mamma, Mummy, Tatie, Cat, Ta for thank you, Tiens (French for here you are), Miaow, tete (head in french)
- You love to play Peek A Boo and chase mummy and daddy
- Your favourite songs are "I went to see a farm one day" and "Eglantine"
- You wave bye bye at the end of your favourite TV programmes (Baby Jake, Timmy Time, Third & Bird, Octonauts and Chuggington)
- You blow kisses and can give proper kisses
- You make the cutest of noises when you discover something unexpected - so cute!
- You are happy all the time and smile to pretty much everybody!

No photo tonight - I need to upload some from the camera!

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