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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Pretty things

I was told by J yesterday that this blog makes me look slightly obsessed about Millie. I replied that it was the whole point of it, but I thought I'd write about something slightly different today (also because I wanted to upload some pictures I took of Millie in the garden today, but I haven't had time to transfer them to the computer).

I have always loved clothes, and this has taken a new level now I have a baby. Buying clothes for little ones is a lot more fun than getting some for yourself. Do you remember how the last dress you fell in love with looked so much better in a size 8 than it did in a 12? Well, imagine how cute it would be in a 0-3 months size! On top of this, clothes always fit babies. No changing room disappointment here. And they are (most of the time) very affordable.

So now, every time I walk into a shop I head straight for the baby section. Next, Monsoon, Gap and M&S have lovely stuff but I thought I'd post pictures of a few items from my favourite French shops. I visit them each time I go back home, even just to browse!

First, Jacadi:
Tartine & Chocolat:

Both also do lovely nursery items:
Pretty, non?

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Knitted by Nanny

I get so many compliments for Millie's knitted jumpers and hats, that I thought I'd post a photo of her modelling a couple of them. There is nothing cuter than a baby in a handmade item, especially if it has been crafted especially for that baby.

Millie has a fabulous wardrobe full of knitted cardigans, berets, hats, mittens, dresses and even a sleeping bag knitted by her nanny. Her latest "Cat Jumper" can be seen in one of my previous posts. She even has a blanket which had been knitted by her great grand mother for J when he was a baby. It is a beautiful, very fine blanket and of course is very special. We had Millie photographed with it when she was a newborn, as her dad was also photographed with it as a baby.

I had a go at knitting myself but I must admit I'm not so good! My grand mother taught me as a child but I didn't carry on and quickly forgot. When my friends fell pregnant, I decided to rediscover the art of knitting. My first item was a pair of knitted Mary-Janes. My tension was all wrong, and I ended up making 3 shoes to get 2 which were roughly the same size!

Baby items are the best way to start though, as they are small and therefore (relatively) quick to make. I made Millie a blanket while I was pregnant. It was in my case a real work of love, as it took 6 months to make! I am due to make one for my sister's little boy who is due next month, so I really need to get started! I'm hoping I won't be so slow this time, as I was working full time when I knitted the first one. Having said that, I now have my little Crevette to look after, not sure whether that will leave me more time to knit!

Monday, 21 March 2011

En francais

J'ai tendance a ecrire en anglais, parce que c'est la langue qui m'entoure la plupart du temps, mais il y a pas mal de gens dans ma famille qui ne parle pas l'anglais. J'ai donc decide d'ecrire en francais aussi :-)

Nous revenons d'une semaine super geniale a Center Parcs avec ma Crevette et mes parents. C'etait notre premiere visite et nous n'avons pas ete decus! Il y a pleins de choses a faire, le site est super joli et on a fait pleins de belles balades. J et moi sommes alles marcher dans les arbres, c'etait super. La piscine est bien aussi, Millie a pu montrer a son Papy et sa Mamie comme elle nage bien ;-) Le cottage aussi etait tres bien, moderne et bien equipe. On a meme eu des visiteurs: Des canards, des oiseaux, des ecureuils et meme 2 faons! Nous nous sommes bien reposes et on serait bien restes plus longtemps!

Millie est un peu deboussolee aujourd'hui, sa Mamie et son Papy sont rentres en France et il n'y a plus que moi pour l'amuser et ce n'est clairement pas suffisant! Mamie et Papy, il faut revenir vite, vous nous manquez!

Center Parcs...

I digress a bit here (and it's only my second post... :-) but I thought I'd write about our Center Parcs break. I had always wanted to go, but the consensus seemed to be that people either love or hate it. I had fairly low expectations and feared it would be crowded, that I would feel compelled to take part in various activities and ripped off every time I had to buy something. But... I loved it, and so did my family.

Our cottage was a new style one, and it was modern and comfortable, and only a 5 minute walk to the main Plaza. Within hours, we had ducks, birds and squirrels literally knocking at the door and we felt very cut out, despite being 30 minutes from home and having all the facilities on our door step.

There is loads to do there, but no pressure to take part in anything. J and I went tree trekking whilst Mamie and Papy babysat and it was fab! We went for nice long and relaxed walks, we went swimming (no pictures as these were taken with an old fashioned disposable camera) and chilled out in the cottage, knitting, reading and catching up.

The facilities are great, and I can see why this is a favourite with young families. We went during term time, so it was fairly quiet but I can imagine the place feeling a bit claustrophobic in the summer months. Activities can be expensive, but the pool is free and there is plenty of outdoor space to explore. Prices at the shops were very close to high street prices and the restaurants charged the same they would outside Center Parcs.

We had a great time, it was nice to have my parents visiting and doing something a bit different with them as we have pretty much exhausted all touristy things around where we live. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to catch up with family and friends, do their own things and don't mind babies!

So here it goes...

I guess the hardest thing about any written project is to start it. I have been trying to get this blog off the ground, but I wasn't sure how to start. I wanted to talk about Emilie, her progress and just show off my little girl generally, but it all sounded a little dull - well for you the potential reader, I am totally smitten with my gorgeous little baby!

I investigated further the world of blogging, and found that they are generally fairly self-indulgent, so rather than worrying about whether what I write is interesting, I thought I would just start and see where it goes!

Starting at the start always seem the best option, but as all mummies will know, the first 6 months with a new baby always seem to go very fast and be surrounded by a nappy filled sleep deprived blur. Things are a bit more settled now - although the sleep deprivation remains! - but there isn't time for a catch up, so I will start with my 7 months old munchkin :-) Introducing Emilie, aka Millie, aka La Crevette:

Millie had a busy week, with her second photoshoot - I'll talk about this later - and a mid-week break at Center Parcs with her Mamie and Papy. Her very first holiday! She had a lovely time despite being unwell the week before and thoroughly enjoyed the pool, the ducks, squirrels, deers and the long walks in the forest in her buggy. My parents are in love with her and because they don't get to see her very often, they play non stop with her :-) She is a bit restless today though, Mamie and Papy have gone back home (Home is a village in the Loire Valley in France) and there is only me left to entertain her...  Here are a few photos from our trip: